Soulja Headwraps

Soulja head wraps are inspired by it's traditional name Shemagh. 

Shemagh is a traditional headdress worn by Palestinian men. Farmers eventually adopted the shemagh, wearing it to protect themselves from the high desert sun, heat, and windswept sand and dust. The Shemagh remained a symbol of rank, worn by Palestinian men to assert their positions of authority

Respectfully we have adapted the wearing of a 60X60 cotton head wrap as a symbolic expression of power.  In our effort to give our head wraps a more personal meaning, we rename this cloth with chessboard pattern "Souljah Head Wraps"  It is because of our mighty strength that we are able to WIN the battles in life.

We are (Soul)jah's  (Spiritual Gods)                       

Size Square 60X60 with fringes 100% Cotton


Care Tips : Hand wash cold, dry flat.