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The Wrap Game

For many years, Head Wrapz has been a part of many cultures. Many cultures and religions around the world wears Head Wrapz, or head coverings for various reasons. Christian, Jewish, Muslim women and men, all have divisions of their faiths, where the head coverings are tied to religious and cultural practices. Head Wrapz has been a symbolization of strength, and weaknesses. African women regarded their Head Wrapz as a sign of courage, and unity. However, it was the opposite for African women, living in the United States, during the period of slavery. Many slaves were required to wear Head Wrapz by their owners. The Head Wrapz was meant to protect women hair from the elements in which they worked. The Head Wrapz of the African American community, symbolized poverty and enslavement. In today's era, fashion is culturally influenced. We are now able to wear Head Wrapz for any expression, despite the direct tie to a specific origin.

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About Love Wrapz

Love Wrapz, is an expression, and a movement. When you Love Wrapz, you are free to express yourself through your culture, and fashion. We cater to all reasons one may wear Head Wrapz. Are you having a bad hair day? Are you into fitness and yoga? Are you dope, fashionably speaking? We encourage women, men, and children to join the wrap cultural, because we Love Wrapz so much, we want to create an experience. Along with Love Wrapz online shop, we offer Head Wrapz photoshoot packages, on set photo shoots, music videos, movies, Head Wrapz styling, tutorials, vendor partnering, and interviews. Fall in Love with Wrapz.

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